About Us
Thank you for choosing New England Steak Tips. Our family owned butcher shop, J&B Butcher, is located in Southern New Hampshire…the heart of New England! Anyone who has grown up or even visited New England will be able to appreciate our unique flavors of steak tips, chicken, pork and lamb. Up here in the northeast, grilling these meats is a rite of passage. At any time throughout the year, New Englanders can be found at their grills preparing a wide assortment of flavored meats for their guests. Birthday parties, holidays, a hot summer night, a February snowstorm, or a Sunday football game…all are perfect excuses to “spahhk up the grill” for New England Style steak tips!We have perfected the marinating process by utilizing the latest technology and creating unique, robust flavor profiles that enhance the meat’s taste, tenderness and texture. Our “massaging” process allows the meat to absorb more marinade resulting in a tender, juicy, DELICIOUS product.

Over the past several years, we have received more and more requests to ship our meats throughout the country. Most of these requests have come from our current customers wishing to send a gift to a friend, and from former New Englanders who now live elsewhere and cannot find New England style steak tips. Here at J&B Butcher, we decided to fulfill our customers’ needs by creating an entire shipping division, so the rest of the country can experience our delicious creations.

New England Steak Tips is here, ready to ship our “wicked good” meats right to your grill!